Our Consistory continues to take seriously decisions about gathering for in-person worship. Since cases continue to rise, significant long term affects of COVID-19 emerge, and we want to be part of the solution that ends this virus: we will be worshiping online.

If you want to see weekly worship services it's easiest to CLICK HERE for our YouTube Channel.

To see updates multiple times a week that include opportunities for prayer, education, and fellowship CLICK HERE for our GSUCC Feed Page or HERE for our Facebook page.

You can email the pastors as well with any questions or if you need support. We continue to try and stay in touch with everyone, but you are always welcome to contact one of us:

pastormatt@gsuccboyertown.org pastorkim@gsuccboyertown.org

You can donate to Good Shepherd through PayPal! Click the donate button below to give easily and safely online. You can also mail in donations to our church office.

This calendar may not be current due to COVID-19. Please call the church office if you have any questions: 610-367-2842