Do you want to get married at Good Shepherd United Church of Christ?

Here at Good Shepherd, we take weddings seriously but joyfully. Our church building is

available to those who have a connection to Good Shepherd (you worship here, someone from

your family worships here, you grew up here, etc.) Our pastors are available for wedding

ceremonies off-site, regardless of your connection to the congregation. Our pastors require that

you meet with us, complete some premarital counseling sessions at a nominal fee, and be ready

to talk about your wedding. To talk with one of the pastors about your wedding, please call the

church office at 610-367-2842.

More information about Weddings (fees, premarital counseling, and basic information) can be

found in the following documents:

Good Shepherd Wedding Policy & Info

Prepare and Enrich Premarital Counseling

Wedding Fee Sheet